Weekly ST Report

BNI DFW - Member Status Report

This form is to update the Regional Office of roster changes – members who have dropped or not renewed, membership committee terminations/non-renewals and transfers to another BNI Chapter.

Please use one form per membership change.

Chapter Name *

Report Submitted By *

Your Name *

First Last

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There are three ways a member is to be removed from the chapter roster.

1. The member drops their membership or chooses not to renew.
2. The Membership Committee terminated the membership.
3. The Membership Committee does not approve the member's renewal.

Member's Name *

First Last

Member DROPPED for the following reason*:

This allows the Regional Office to track the reason so that we can work to help with retention in the Region.

Membership Committee TERMINATED
the membership for the following reason:

*Notify your chapter Director BEFORE notifying the member.

Membership Committee DENIED RENEWAL for the following reason(s)

  Lack of Participation
Lack of Referral Given

Lack of Visitors Invited


* Notify your chapter Director BEFORE you notify the member.

Effective Date of Member's Drop *


Any additional information to provide the Director Team


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